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The Guidance Department provides educational and vocational counseling to all students in the high school. Over the course of the four years in high school, students and counselors will meet individually and in groups to address academic, social and career options. The primary focus of the counseling program is to help students identify their strengths, needs, interests and abilities. Through this ongoing developmental process students will effectively learn to define their personal goals and achieve greater self-awareness.


As liaisons among faculty, students and parents, the guidance counselors help to provide a framework for career exploration that fosters self-direction, personal motivation and incentive to achieve well in all aspects of life. Career exploration and appropriate grade level testing span the course of the four years a student attends Northern Valley Regional High School.


The counselors act as liaisons and resources for students and parents so that each student has opportunities to identify personal options. Helping students to reach their potential is the ultimate goal of the guidance program. Student Assistance Counselors provide on-going support and individual counseling as needed to all students.


Schedule for Mid-Quarter Comments & End of Quarter Grades 2017-2018


Mid-Quarter Date
Published in PowerSchool
 End-Quarter Date Published in PowerSchool
October 6
October 11
November 8
November 21
December 14
December 19
January 24
February 5
March 6
March 9
April 6
April 24
May 16
May 21
June 20
July 2


Scheduling Documents


Program of Studies:
Lists all courses with descriptions.

POS 2017-2018 PDF.pdf

Four Year Academic Framework:
Provides year-by year schematic to allow for course planning.

Four-Year Academic Framework 2017 (2)(1).pdf

Outlines Department of Education course requirements.

Graduation Requirements 2017-18(1).pdf

Outlines Department of Education testing requirements.

NJDOE Graduation Test Requirement.pdf

Outlines Department of Education testing schedule.

NJDOE Assessment Schedule 17-18.pdf

Course Overview:
Shows courses available by year and subject area.

2017-18 NVRHS Course Overview(1).pdf

Honors Placement Criteria:
Outlines mindsets, behaviors and achievements of incoming 9th grade honors students.

Honors Placement Criteria 2022-3.pdf

Career Pathways:
Organizes our courses in connection with possible fields of study. These serve as suggestions.

Career Pathways Jan 2017.pdf

Course Selection Sheets:
Presents course selections for each academic year.


Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12


Scheduling/Waiver Letter:
Introduces families to scheduling process.


Required Elective Courses and PFL:
Reviews special NJDOE graduation requirements.

Elective and PFL Requirements 2016-17 (2).pdf

Dual Enrollment:
Provides overview of courses approved for college credit.


Courses and teachers are approved through partner universities.
    Project Acceleration - Seton Hall University:

Project Acceleration Course List 2017-2018.xlsx

    Bergen Community College Dual Enrollment Program:

BCC Dual Enrollment Courses for Articulation Agreement for 2017-18 -5.docx

Guidance Documents


Guidance School Calendar

District Guidance Calendar 2017-18-15.pdf

High School Profile

Profile 2018-2019 NVOT

AP Exam Schedule 2018