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These resources are listed by levels of authority and stability. Information on the Internet is notoriously unreliable. The databases and searching tools described and linked here will help you locate quality information on the World Wide Web.

Databases are collections of articles, reports, primary resources etc. that were written, edited, and/or selected by reliable sources, such as universities, government agencies, and reputable publishing companies (that were often the original publishers of the information in print format). Database subscriptions are fee-based and password protected. NV students and staff can access our subscriptions at school through this Web site or from home using the passwords the librarian has on file. Databases are located on the Internet, but are more accurate, authoritative, and current sources of information than general Web sites.

Directories and gateway sites are collections of recommended Web sites arranged by subject. Some include all subjects; some specialize by subject, such as Literature or Science. The gateways, also called "portals," included here are maintained by university and public librarians.

Search Engines locate Web sites on the Internet. Although they frequently provide "relevancy ratings," they in no way provide recommendations or assurances of quality information. Use the advanced searching screens for more efficient searching.