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General Search Engines



Google advanced search

Google is the search engine of choice for most searchers and teachers, linking to more than 8 billion Internet sites.

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Teoma *

Teoma specializes in three types of search results, all provided on the same page: Results (traditional listing style); Refine (suggestions to narrow your topic) and Resources (links to expert pages.) The Refine area is a great help in determining effective alternate search words.+

Meta Search Engines


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KartOO *

This search engine maps out results in a branching visual format, much as in a graphic organizer. Users can roll the mouse over a document icon to view a brief annotation of each Web site's contents. Great for visual learners! +

Scholarly Search Engines


Google Scholar

Google Scholar **

Google Scholar describes itself as enabling "you to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research. Use Google Scholar to find articles from a wide variety of academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories

and universities, as well as scholarly articles available across the web."

Search Engine Gateways


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Search Engine Watch *

"A great site for catching up on the latest search engine developments. It regularly rates the best search engines and includes a section on Kids Search Engines."+