Subject Directories

General Directories

Internet Public Library

Internet Public Library *

The IPL provides reference sources, links to recommended web sites, and pathfinders on a wide range of topics. Their literary criticism collection and pathfinders are excellent.

Librarian's Index to the Internet

Librarian's Index to the Internet *

LII allows access to their huge database of recommended web sites through a directory and a query box. It is useful for research on all topics.

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Multnomah County Homework Center **

Multnomah focuses their collection of recommended web sites on high school homework topics. The collection on Social Issues is of particular interest.

Scholarly Directories

Search Engine Icon provides lists of and links to almost every conceivable subject by experts in that field. Advertising can overwhelm the pages.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google is beta testing a new service. As they say so themselves, "Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature."



Organized into nine catagories, this directory to university-level information will be helpful for high school students and teachers as well.

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Those Dark Hiding Places: Searching the Invisible Web *

English Directories

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Literary Resources on the Net *

Literary Resources on the Net, also referred to as the Andromeda Project, directed by Jack Lynch at

Rutgers University, is a rich web site for literature research.

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Voice of the Shuttle **

This enormous humanities project, maintained at UCSB, is a premier English research portal.

Science Directories


Cornell Theory Center: Math & Science Gateway ** MathSciGateway/

This gateway site provides access to web sites on all science topics, links to magazine and research

articles, history and literature connections, and answers "Ask-an-Expert" questions.

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Voice of the Shuttle: Science, Technology & Culture **

"This sub-page includes a selection of resources on science, medicine, technology, and cultural-studies/

historical approaches to science designed for humanists interested in the relation between sci-tech and society."

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World Wide Web Virtual Library: History of Science, Technology & Medicine *

This gateway focuses on the history of science, providing annotated lists of web sites.

Social Studies Directories

American History Research Guide

British History Research Guide

Global and Eurasian History Study Guide

From Rutgers University, Archival & Manuscript Guides, General History Portals, Sites Organized by Period, Full-Text Documents by Period, and History Associations & History Listservs.

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Voice of the Shuttle **

This enormous humanities project, maintained at UCSB, is a useful research portal.

Images and Full-text Directories

Finding Images on the Web

Developed by Boston University, this directory organizes strategies and resources for searching for images on the Web.