MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support)
 I&RS (Intervention and Referral Service Team)

MTSS Team Members


Department Contact Info:
Matthew Corso
Erica Sposa
Chairperson English [email protected]
Dr. Gina Restivo
Wellness Coordinator [email protected]
Courtney Reinfried
Media Specialist [email protected]
Susan Van Buskirk
Theater Arts [email protected]
 Luisella Marolda Liaison Assistant Principal [email protected]
 Cara Bayer Liaison Child Study Team [email protected]
 Leigh Martin Member Mathematics [email protected]

I&RS Team Members

Department Contact Info:
Christina Donnard Chairperson Social Studies [email protected]
Kevin Hughes Member Science [email protected]
Katie Morrone Member Child Study Team [email protected]
Jaclyn Hering Chairperson  English [email protected]
Lydia Greco Member Student Assistance Coordinator [email protected]
 Sari Weiss Member Science [email protected]
Luisella Marolda Liaison Assistant Principal [email protected]
 Cara Bayer Liaison Child Study Team [email protected]
Thomas Villa Member Science [email protected]

What is the I&RS process?
1) The I&RS process begins upon a referral from the MTSS team.
2) The I&RS process is in no way a disciplinary process.
3) All information obtained in the process is strictly confidential.
4) The I&RS process can be a preliminary step toward an evaluation by the Child Study Team.
A teacher or guidance counselor may refer students to the team for any of the following reasons: academic, behavioral, or social emotional concerns.

The I&RS process begins when the MTSS team reviews relevant data and makes a recommendation for Tier III interventions.
The I&RS team will gather information about the student’s academic or behavioral progress, previous and current test scores, and classroom behavior. The team will meet to discuss the student and develop a preliminary plan of action based on the information.
A parent meeting with the I&RS team and the student is arranged. At that meeting, the I&RS team draws up a plan of action with the input of all parties involved.
The I&RS team will meet periodically to monitor the student’s progress.
Goals of I&RS:
  • To develop strategies to help the student improve their academic standing.
  • To help the student adapt to the high school environment.
  • To examine potential disparities between the student’s class placement and their academic ability.
  • To determine if a child study team evaluation is needed.
  • To share successful strategies with the student’s teachers.
I&RS Procedural Manual
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